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Guest Registration Form 

The reason for this form is for security of the bond and in the event of any damages to the property. Please note money will NOT be charged, however card will be verified.

Booking Name: _______________________________________________________________


Residential Address: ___________________________________________________________


Personal Email Address:________________________________________________________




Address of holiday property: ____________________________________________________


Date of arrival: _____________________            Date of departure: _______________________


Credit Card Details

Name on Card: _____________________________________________________________


Card Number: ______________________________________________________________


Type: MasterCard / Visa          Expiry Date: ___________________       CVV:    ____________


Signature of Cardholder: _____________________________________________________


I authorise the use of the above credit card for the charging of:

  • Replacement of lost keys, remote controls at cost
  • Cleaning charges for properties left unclean that require additional cleaning due to the state in which the property is left (Note: all rubbish should be placed in outside garbage bin, all kitchen items to be cleaned before departure), removal of excess garbage, boxes, bottles etc. 
  • Outstanding rental monies and or telephone charges (if applicable)
  • Damages to the property and/or common property, replacement of broken or missing items
  • Any other incidental charges that may be incurred as per LJ Hooker Ulladulla Property Management Terms and Conditions. A minimum charge of $50 is applicable should items be moved from one property to another.
  • Check out time is 10am, late departure charges may be applied after this time. I AGREE TO ACCEPT AND ABIDE by the BOOKING TERMS AND CONDITIONS and THE NO EXCESSIVE NOISE POLICY. LJ Hooker Ulladulla Property Management reserves the right to terminate with immediate evictions should Terms and Conditions not be met. A full list of Terms and Conditions are available from the front desk and online at our website.
  • I have sighted and agree to the terms and conditions of the above-mentioned property and LJ Hooker Ulladulla



Signature: _____________________________________


Witness:    _____________________________________